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What is the price break for quantities?

Price breaks of 40-50% are available through vouchers in California. AEM.green can research and secure vouchers from incentive programs or the federal programs in other states as well. This is one of AEM's areas of expertise.

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What is the lead time for a first off unit?

The lead time for the first set of trailers would likely be about two weeks/trailer. They always see what they can do to deliver earlier than planned. You should plan on at least six months to get in the manufacturing queuing and voucher application process in California. We have secured over 375 so far with another 500 available this summer. That is the price break of 40-50%. There is a queue for getting into the production process with AEM.green, so I’d recommend you move as quickly as you can to get in.

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What is the total incremental weight of the system versus my current TRU?

There are trace differences in weight front to back... It’s weight-neutral depending on battery size,

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What is the warranty for the system and /or each of its components?

...and who completes Repairs and Maintenance if there is an issue with TRU? Solar? Electronics?

AEM has a multi-year warranty on the system and components. The warranty is 5 years and can be extended to 10 years for the entire system. The warranty is managed by AEM in full.

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For installation - how do you connect your components to our trailer?

The SolarTechTRU clean power system for cold chain reefer trailers is installed by AEM.green’s skilled engineering team in Arizona. The clean SolarTechTRU is attached to the trailer where the dirty diesel TRU was, using the same 8 bolt layout. Other components are installed in a proven-secure, and in a functionally streamlined fashion.

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What are the requirements and parameters for the 2-week test? Is it free?

The 2-week test can be free, but it is very costly for AEM.green, so it requires a type of LOI that commits you to some quantity of TRU purchases (P.O.) unless the route demo is a failure. (but it doesn’t fail). The route demo will be making you money during the road test - actually delivering product. We have never had an unsuccessful  demo to date.

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What is the kWh output of solar panels?

kWh output of solar panels: https://aem.green/tru-comparisons They provide about 35% of the power you need each day if you are running sub zero. They can supply 100% of daily power requirement if running refrigerated temperatures 34 and above.

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Please explain the regenerative braking system and expected energy output.

The regenerative system is attached to your trailer frame on passenger side. The front outside wheel is removed, and a ¾ inch pulley is placed between wheels. The unit is programmable to run in regenerative mode, near zero mode or 100% of the time. If California grants are used then only the Zero Emission mode is available. It has over 8 million miles of real-world routes and is extremely reliable. AEM’s SolarTechTRU pulls next to no energy from it. (shown in the TRU comparison above)

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How do the CARB CORE clean air vouchers in California work?

AEM.green works with you to secure the vouchers and applies them against the cost of each new TRU installation or conversion. Typically, $65,000.00 can be applied per trailer. AEM also manages the CORE vouchers for Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) hookup for shore power. AEM is the only one stop shop, with several hundred APU’s installed to date,  all requiring the paperwork and ongoing reporting which AEM handles for you. The object of the vouchers is to bring cost parity of Zero Emission technology to the old traditional diesels. ROI for this new technology ranges from immediate to 3 years depending on  your operations.

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What other States have vouchers or incentive money available?

Several states have vouchers and incentive programs available, but a search must be prepared and planned. This is one of AEM.green’s outstanding areas of expertise.

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For leased trailers, how easy is it to remove system / components when the lease is up?

The SolarTechTRU can easily be removed by a skilled technician. The SolarTechTRU outlives the typical life span of cold chain trailers.

The SolarTechTRU is designed to be installed onto new trailers, or to take the place of dirty diesel TRUs, and it can be moved from trailer to trailer.

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