10 Reasons Why Cold Chain Reefer Trailers Need to Convert to AEM's SolarTechTRU Right Now

Time is ticking to go zero emissions with your refrigerated trailers.
Don’t wait. Go zero emissions the right way, the first time.

1) The SolarTechTRU is the only TRU that qualifies for zero emissions for cold chain.

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As you can imagine, AEM has the TRU fleet conversion process for cold chain (for 28'-53' refrigerated trailers) down to a science.

The SolarTechTRU has been tortured with perfect performance, in the worst conditions, pm the road for thousands of hours.

Whether your fleet needs new TRU installations or TRU conversions, AEM has proven-competent implementation capacity, and powerful partnerships to ensure smooth and timely turnaround. (See our How We Roll page)

2) AEM has secured tens of millions $$ of CARB CORE vouchers for you that will significantly reduce your reefer conversion costs.

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Our current lot of $40mm in vouchers (from California Air Resources Board CORE) must be committed to Zero Emissions TRU sales or TRU conversions by June, 2023.

The SolarTechTRU is a proven zero emissions solution with over a decade of road test data to prove it. AEM secures the vouchers for you, and you also earn WAIRE and ESG credits from converting to the SolarTechTRU.

AEM helps manage this portion of the paperwork and reporting for you.

It eliminates diesel expenses and arc flash electrocutions because it runs on low voltage/DC power. The SolarTechTRU removes thousands of tons of toxins from the air, saves you millions of dollars in fuel expenses.

Since AEM.green's SolarTechTRU has proven its impeccable performance, if any state offers clean air vouchers or safety or ESG credits, AEM's SolarTechTRU will qualify!

CFOs appreciate this ultra-efficient and ultra-safe zero emissions and ESG solution.

3) This solar electric TRU has been on the road for over a decade, tested and tortured, and proven to go the distance in the worst conditions, and for the long haul.

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Did we mention the many years of road tests that have proven its reliability, savings, and significant safety factors?

The SolarTechTRU goes the distance, most reliably, safer, and cheaper – TRU-ly.

Cold Chain fleet, logistics, and safety directors love this zero emissions, safety, and ESG solution.

4) AEM's SolarTechTRU goes the distance, either 32 hours in the worst conditions, or forever.

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Yes, it can last 32 hours with no electricity, in the worst conditions – it can go forever under normal conditions.

Under certain conditions, it can last (literally) forever without electricity. Plus, it’s almost silent, can be left on around-the-clock, positively reducing noise pollution as well.

The ultra-thin solar panels install on top of the trailer - adding trace amounts of height and weight to the trailer.

The batteries are encased in a patent-protected, fireproof case, with additional safety design features inside the case - uniquely insulating each battery.

Cold chain truckers, reefer fleet managers, cold chain logistics directors, and ESG directors love the SolarTechTRU.

5) It pulls practically nothing from the wheel generator.

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Look at this TRU-ly mind-blowing TRU comparison!

AEM’s wheel generator (proprietary momentum generator) is patented - it’s different - and also, the SolarTechTRU pulls next-to-no energy from it.

CFO's appreciate this zero emissions and ESG solution.

It takes 4-5 hours to fully charge during dwell times at distribution centers, if that, and low voltage/DC,

Cold chain distribution center managers, and truckers love the SolarTechTRU efficiencies, and its undeniable safety.

Click for a larger look at this TRU Cost & Efficiency chart!

6) It's a microchip based clean power system that also runs on low voltage DC power - which eliminates arc flash electrocutions.

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NO other power system in the world is designed in this fashion that enables it to be powered by low voltage DC, and that optimizes a freakishly 3x yield of electricity from solar panels.

It’s known that hundreds of people get electrocuted, and die, every year, from high voltage. The SolarTechTRU eliminates these types of dangers, completely.

Plus, it recharges in no time during loading and unloading – and can be charged with DC power.

CFO's appreciate this zero emissions, safety, and ESG solution.

SolarTechTRU comes with converters that enable high voltage charging, if need be.

7) The SolarTechTRU massively earns ESG and WAIRE credits!

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AEM.green and the SolarTechTRU has proven itself in California as the state’s zero emissions solution.

If you have vouchers and carbon/clean air, or safety credits in your state, the SolarTechTRU will absolutely qualify.

AEM.green does its best to attain those vouchers and credits for you!We also help you manage your performance and safety data through your provider, for the long haul.

8) The SolarTechTRU eliminates your need for diesel fuel!

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The SolarTechTRU is cleaning the air of millions of tons of noxious air toxins, 8 bolts at a time – eliminating the need for diesel fuel.

AEM.green’s solar farms and other assets help you give back to the grid, or even eliminate your reliance on the grid.

The more AEM.green technology you install, the more you’ll want, the better your economics get!

CFO's and Boards of Directors catch on, get into the groove, and love the financial ROI, added safety, improved morale, and ESG benefits more and more, every day it's in motion - on the road, or while it's giving back through its solar farms.

9) You save a tremendous amount of money, immediately, plus, the leasing program costs less than your diesel costs.

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Yes, we said leasing program, for new installations and conversions. Plus, it’s federal title 17 leasing programs.

Your CFO will be quite happy with your choice to go with the SolarTechTRU for countless reasons.

See the AEM.green website for a cost and ROI calculator. 

Yes, the financial, safety, and ESG benefits keep rolling in from the SolarTechTRU's performance on-the road, and the way AEM's solar farms give back to the operation as a whole.

10) Going green doesn't mean you have to go broke. Do the exact opposite with AEM. Get in the black, FAST, and remove black carbon from the air, by the tons, starting now. 

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Start your installations and conversion now while AEM.green can promise speedy fast turnaround.

Start now so you can hit regulatory deadlines – avoid unpleasant surprises by playing it safe.

Start now while we have this lot of tens of millions of dollars in vouchers from the state of California.

See the AEM.green website “How We Roll” for their installation and conversion processes.

Okay, there's one bonus reason why AEM.green’s SolarTechTRU is the way to go.

You get the Koelsch
brothers, their non-profit leasing program, and how AEM.green gives back.

Ron and Robert Koelsch have been innovating and commercializing disruptive, highly efficient clean power systems in the microchip world, and winning awards for their innovations and engineering processes for decades. The AEM team has powerful backing, and they deliver.

Robert Koelsch, Co-Founder and CEO of AEM.green, was awarded Alternative Energy Professional of the year by Thomson Reuters, 2022, and again for 2023.

The SolarTechTRU goes the distance more efficiently, reliably, cleanly, and safer than any power system on the market - and based on its innovative, patented design, and road test data, it's very likely no other power system will come close to its on-road safety and performance data anytime soon.

Zero Emissions, added safety, reduced expenses, and ESG achieved, 8 bolts at a time.

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

Start Forging Your Zero Emissions Path Today!

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